Why TV?

No other form of advertising can build scale as quickly and powerfully as TV and we have the ability to tactically harness the power of TV to deliver against a range of objectives.

  • TV accounts for 41% of the average individuals chosen media day

  • The average viewer in the UK watches 3 hours 32 minutes of TV a day and 86% of it is watched live

  • The average UK viewer watches 45 TV ads a day at normal speed (excluding skipped ads) - 6 ads more a day than ten years ago

Using TV To Get Your Brand Seen

TV’s immense popularity for all age groups results in a unique ability to deliver huge audience figures in a short space of time. Investing in TV can increase a campaigns effectiveness by 40%.

We have tactics that allow us to utilise TV for any budget, big or small, and to address objectives from mass brand building to driving cost efficient response and engagement.

How TV Is Bought

The currency for buying TV spot advertising is a Cost Per Thousand (the cost to reach 1,000 people within the target audience) and the price depends on how niche or broad your target audience is, along with the type of airtime we want to get access to e.g. expensive high impact peak viewing vs cheaper daytime airtime.

Many of the big advertising agency groups strike volume deals with the TV sales houses based on defined delivery parameter, but at RP2 we steer clear of agency deals so that we develop a more bespoke plan for every client on a truly independent and unrestricted basis.