Why paid social?

Social advertising offers huge reach, extensive targeting customisation, and a multitude of formats and objectives to choose from. Regardless of the brief and target audience, there is most likely an effective solution.

  • Vast amount of targeting options for building efficient campaigns and ad sets

  • Full budget, bid and daypart control

  • Ad formats & bid types tailored for your objectives

  • Create custom re-targeting & lookalike (LAL) audiences from campaign, customer and website data

  • Real-time tracking and optimisation

Using Paid Social to support the full user journey

The majority of social advertising platforms divide their ad formats into 3 main ‘Objective’ categories – awareness, consideration, and conversions. So regardless of what you’re trying to achieve whether it’s reach, engagement, website conversions, app installs, traffic, or even store visits, paid social has an answer tailored to achieve your goal.

Although each campaign runs separately with its own targeting, budget, objective, etc., the data collected from each campaign can be used to inform others. For example, running a ‘video views’ campaign and re-targeting users who watched over 75% of your video with a lead generation or website conversion advert. This kind of enclosed data sharing and maximising the use of custom audiences, can really help boost your results and ROI.

How Paid Social is bought

Paid social is mostly traded on a biddable cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC) basis. However, there are other buying metrics to choose from depending on which objective has been selected, such as cost per view, cost per ad recall lift, and cost per acquisition.