Why Print?

Print media come in a range of formats allowing both broadcast and narrowcast opportunities. From national and local press, to consumer and specialist magazines, there are thousands of opportunities to deliver brand and sales messaging in Print. These trusted Print brands also lend credibility to campaigns, with consumers putting faith in print titles to deliver them relevance and guidance.

  • Print reaches 24.5 million people every week

  • Combining online platforms with print titles increases reach to 41million people every week

  • People spend on average 1 hour 10 minutes reading a newspaper

  • Print increases a TV campaign’s effectiveness by 65%

Using Print to get your brand seen

Print allows you to reach consumers in varied parts of their media day and through different mindsets. On any given day the use of Press can add great impact to your schedule whereas magazines can deliver contextual relevance. You can extend the conversation with your audience in Print through advertising features and partnerships, allowing your brand to benefit from the editorial environment that surrounds it. More granular targeting opportunities are available through the use of Local Press, Leaflets and Inserts.

How Print is bought

Print buying is based on the size of the ads and the amount of individuals you are reaching. Each publication works to set ad sizes which can be profiled into a Cost Per Thousand (the cost to reach 1,000 people within the target audience). For Leaflets and Inserts a CPT is the main metric used.