Why Paid Search?

With Google reporting over 100 billion searches on average every month and with 15% of searches every day being new searches there is someone out there searching relevant to your business. Paid search allows your brand direct visibility with in-market customers through tactical keyword optimisation.

  • Have complete control of your budget, the amount you pay and where your ads appear

  • Measurable and trackable results

  • Only pay when an interested person clicks

  • You’re not finding your audience, your audience are trying to find you

Using Paid Search to get your brand seen

Paid Search gives you complete control. You select the searches relevant for your brand, the time of day and the day of the week you want to drive traffic, the geographical locations you want to appear in and importantly the budget levels to maximise your return.

How Paid Search is bought

Google AdWords and Bing ads are based on auction systems. The amount you pay is based on three things, the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for each search term click, how relevant you are to the search and lastly your landing page (website) experience. Put these three things together and you’re given a quality score. The better your quality score, the more you will be rewarded with lower cost per clicks and better ad positions.