Why Digital Display?

With online behaviour engrained across so many customer journeys, digital display has become the greatest reaching visual media channel.

  • Display can be designed and styled for the environment to improve relevance and impact

  • Highly visual copy can deliver information on your brand simply and quickly

  • Huge targeting opportunities allow us to maximise spend very specifically

  • Digital display is highly measurable and can provide a huge amount of valuable data

Using Digital Display to get your brand seen

With immense visual and targeting capabilities, display ads offer many benefits to a business, from visibility and brand awareness to pure sales conversion and optimisation. This results in direct and indirect business benefits through online advertising having a positive effect on offline sales by driving familiarity.

Digital display also has more power to educate the consumer and build trust for brands as display advertising can appear to be less invasive than other channels when associated with appropriate corresponding content.

Online behaviour is more “cross-device” than ever before and every digital campaign needs to tailor for the relevant user journey whether it be on desktop, mobile, tablet, console or smart household devices like TV’s, requiring consideration to the nature of how we engage on each platform.

How Digital Display is bought

Direct publisher trading – Targeting the inventory across specific individual environments identified as being perfect in terms of audience and/or context.

Utilising display networks – Selecting key audiences to target and content to surround and reaching these via a network which has buying capability across multiple sites.

Real Time Bidding – Setting campaign parameters such as audience, context and campaign frequency, alongside metrics and benchmarks to enable a programmatic trading desk to automatically run the campaign, constantly optimising on all factors set.