Why Cinema?

78% of the UK population are Cinemagoers, and it offers a highly engaged captive audience. Going to the cinema continues to be an event, with admissions growing despite the rise of on demand content at home.

  • 92% of a cinema audience are seated before the ads start

  • Cinema admissions continue to grow – Approximately 171m annually (+2% YoY)

  • Unbeatable impact to drive brand stand out, growth and value

Using Cinema to get your brand heard

The film may be the main event, but it’s the overall experience that makes cinema an advertising medium like no other. Engage cinemagoers at every stage of the cinema experience to ensure your campaign stays with cinemagoers before, during and after their trip to the movies. Be it in foyer, online, on their smartphones or on the big screen, all of these touchpoints add scale and frequency to your campaign.

How Cinema is bought

As well as being able to plan and buy cinema campaigns by film, by showing, by audience or by cinema, there are tailored buying routes to help you align with key genres, categories and broad cinema audiences throughout the year.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Spots • Audience Guarantee Pack (AGP) • Premium AGP • Family Pack